Hair Coloration


HAUTE COUTURE is an ESTEL innovation patented worldwide. It is the only stable color product in the world based on cation-active compounds that act intensively to regenerate your clients’ hair.
HAUTE COUTURE color suffuses the hair with color pigments and simultaneously rebuilds it at the structural level, while rose wax provides moisture and optimal color protection.
Stylists can take advantage of a rich palette to create an immense variety of exclusive original color cocktails, letting their own creative potential shine. Clients will appreciate having their own individual color and a perfect coloring experience.

Estel Haute Couture


DE LUXE is a line of stable colors giving the stylist the broadest spectrum of possibilities to meet the wishes of any client, delivering stable color and effective care for the hair. The De Luxe color line includes De Luxe color care, DE LUXE SILVER color cream for grey hair and DE LUXE SENSE ammonia-free semi-permanent color.
The DE LUXE formula is enriched with avocado oil, macadamia oil and panthenol. During the coloring process, nutritive ingredients suffuse the hair with vitamins and microelements, providing moisture and strengthening the hair structure. All DE LUXE colors contain attractive iridescent particles, making the coloring process more exciting for the stylist and the client.
DE LUXE SILVER with the unique Anti-Age Color system provides 100% coloring of grey hair, stable deep color and effective care.
DE LUXE SENSE is an ammonia-free semi-permanent cream color for hair, made only with healthy natural ingredients. It provides the desired color and care effect – an ideal combination for SPA coloration.
DE LUXE represents a new stage in your professional development in the hair styling business.



Inspires. Fascinates. Transforms. De Luxe Sense is a sensation in the hair colors!

De Luxe Sense transforms the hair coloring process into a relaxing SPA-treatment thanks to the blend of unique ingredients. Avocado Oil and Olive Extract leave hair stronger and lightly scented, evoking the idea of a journey to an exotic paradise, beauty and majesty of nature.
De Luxe Sense gives hair a cashmere-like feeling, captivating shine and... a new mood. It looks beautiful and natural. Beautiful hair is a secret you want to reveal!

De Luxe Sense Hair Color is infused with natural ingredients that provide the most gentle effect on the hair and scalp. Discover an extraordinary world! The world of attractive De Luxe Sense colors. The world of SPA-coloring!

Estel Haute Couture


Stable PRINCESS ESSEX color cream provides maximum simplicity and comfort in creative coloring by any stylist, from beginners to seasoned professionals. The product can be mixed and applied quickly, it spreads ideally on the hair, and it offers a wide spectrum of shades to provide exact color matching. PRINCESS ESSEX guarantees results, regardless of the complexity of the chosen color.
PRINCESS ESSEX color cream is based on the unique VIVANT SYSTEM care, which contains a keratin complex, beeswax and guarana seed extract.
Princess Essex is your reliable introduction to the world of hair color.



ESTEL ALPHA HOMME grey hair foam is a professional hair color developed especially for men. Five natural shades of ESTEL ALPHA HOMME optimally color grey hair, giving it a natural shade and glow.
ESTEL ALPHA HOMME is an additional advantage for stylists who want to serve successful male clients.


ESTEL PRIMA is professional hair color for renovation and color creation that is ready for use within 10 minutes. The color is applied quickly and easily, instantly saturating the hair with remarkable color and radiance. The product provides a genuine advantage to stylists and clients by offering a ten-minute route to styling or color correction.


ESTEL PRIMA BLONDE professional hair color is innovative hair coloring that creates fashionable, bright blond shades. The weightless foam can be applied quickly and easily, instantly saturating the lightened hair with remarkable color and radiance.
Color has never been so easy!