Hair Care


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The HAUTE COUTURE ESTEL hair care line is a three-stage hair repair system that includes amino acids, ceramides and extended-effect components. The biomimetic repair technique underlying HAUTE COUTURE ESTEL guarantees durability of color for clients and reinvests hair with its own natural perfection.
Though the HAUTE COUTURE ESTEL hair care line was created in a scientific laboratory, it remains in tune with the laws of nature.


OTIUM is an extensive collection of hair care products offering perfect options for every customer. Saturated with natural extracts and nutrients, OTIUM products effectively solve individual hair-care problems and leave hair healthy and luxurious. Whether your hair is curly, long, dyed, damaged, thin, dull or weakened due to negative environmental factors, there is an OTIUM product that is just right for you.


CUREX is a professional product line for all-inclusive basic hair care.

CUREX is ESTEL’s first and the widest range of products for home hair care, which includes 9 series for different types of hair and desired results. Depending on the series, Curex products contain various natural oils, vitamins, a keratin complex, plant extracts and other helpful ingredients that imbue hair with strength and health and give it the perfect look.
With the Curex hair care line, a stylist can reliably provide an individual approach for every client.