Professionals choose ESTEL

ESTEL made a choice at the moment it was established: to create only products and services that contribute to the growth of beauty industry professionals. The company's development vector is reflected in its motto: "PROFESSIONALS CHOOSE ESTEL!"

About us

Today ESTEL is one of the world's leading companies in the professional hair care business. Its leadership is based on enduring values and genuine achievements.

ESTEL has excellent in-house scientific and technical capacity for product development, production and testing, as well as its own hairdressing academies offering a full range of professional training. Any ESTEL laboratory is an exemplary modern research platform, where products are developed by highly qualified chemists and where consultations are provided by practicing stylists who keep the laboratories informed of their professional needs. The ESTEL plant is one of the largest European enterprises producing professional hair care products, and it operates in accordance with international standards, as confirmed by the appropriate ISO certifications. Estel purchases raw materials only from trusted European suppliers with strict quality controls. The quality of both raw materials and finished products is ensured by Estel’s microbiology laboratory and QC division. The ESTEL plant is a high-tech, forward-looking space which manufactures 100 million production units every year, with quality guaranteed, helping hair stylists around the world meet their goals and keeping their customers extremely satisfied.

ESTEL also devotes considerable effort to training both specialists and salon owners. ESTEL academies and studios are modern platforms for sharing experiences and for creative collaboration, for experiments and professional growth. ESTEL's seminars provide specialists with all the skills and tools they need to achieve their creative potential and provide students with a unique knowledge of hairdressing, business, psychology and fashion. ESTEL often partners officially with fashion shows, creating hairstyles for Jean-Paul Gaultier and Blumarine, to name two examples. And ESTEL regularly creates its own collections of remarkable images.

Research, innovation, strict quality control, training, collaboration with the most notable fashion brands... To date, ESTEL has cooperated with more than 80,000 salons and is represented in more than 20 countries around the world. The company has no plans to stop there. ESTEL is open to cooperation, and its production capacity and, most importantly, its capacity for new ideas is enough to satisfy even the most demanding partners.

ESTEL produces a huge and extremely diverse range of products. It meets expert stylists’ every need and allows them not only to satisfy current customer requirements, but to shape new ones as well. ESTEL guarantees that every stylist and every client can put its trust in the absolute safety, efficiency and effectiveness of ESTEL brand products. True to its motto, ESTEL creates only those products and services that truly contribute to the growth of professionals in the beauty industry.